dog days of...spring?

i played with my friends benny and sadie last night. mom hopes that it means i'll be 'quiet' today. i've heard the word adolescence a lot lately. i don't know what that means exactly, but i think it means that the world revolves around me (it does). i have been pretty naughty lately, but i'm sick of the winter.

anyway, i better get going...i've got shoes to steal. but i thought i'd leave you with a picture of my handsome self.


Patrick said...

jesus, oliver. You're a f-ing slacker.

Anonymous said...

Woof Woof Oliver, You seem like a real cool doggie. I really like reading your blog - you are such a high class big city dog. My name is Roxie. I am a weener dog from Auberndale. I am pretty old but I really like hanging out with younger dogs like you. My owner calls me a cougar although I don't get what she means there are no cats in my family. My owner almost ran me over with her Harley last night. She cried and felt bad but she only burned my tail on the tail pipe. She is a character. Her boyfriend tells her he has to get her cured off the wild turkey but I have never seen her eat turkey ever. I have a pretty busy life here. I live in a trailer house with Lucille my owner and her boyfriend LeeRoy. There is a farm next door and I like to play bite the cow tail. Those animals are so dumb - no offense - or nothin. Well I better go. My owner Lucille just left her, at home, permanent in too long (she fell asleep after drinking too many Busch lites) - well anyway she is going to start crying again and when that happens she likes to hold me. I used to lick her face but the taste of running mascara makes me barf. Have a great night. BOW WOW xoxox, Roxie