oliver's travels


dog days of...spring?

i played with my friends benny and sadie last night. mom hopes that it means i'll be 'quiet' today. i've heard the word adolescence a lot lately. i don't know what that means exactly, but i think it means that the world revolves around me (it does). i have been pretty naughty lately, but i'm sick of the winter.

anyway, i better get going...i've got shoes to steal. but i thought i'd leave you with a picture of my handsome self.


oh boy.

the other day, dad and i watched some press conference where some guy retired from some team. i don't quite understand football, but maybe this means that i won't get so upset during games. you see, when mom and dad yell at the tv, i get really upset. i guess i think i'm getting in trouble.

anyway, dad seemed sad that brett favre was retiring. i was just happy to be out of my crate.


i forgot how to blog.

You see, I hate getting my nails clipped. and...if my nails are long, i am unable to utilize the keyboard. but, dad has been holding me down (how uncivilized) and mom has been working her magic and...here I am.

A lot has changed since my last post. Mainly, I've put on a...umm...few LBS. besides that...I'm cute, I'm naughty and, well, I'm really naughty.

Anyway, I'll try to post more often.


a dog's life.

long time, no post. what can i say? i've been living the high life- a dog's life, one might say. i've graduated from puppy class and have entered the world of the "intermediate" family dog. i am still fantastic at the tricks, but bore easily. i've learned some new quirks- lying down when sipping from my water bowl (very irritating to mum and dad as i soak my beard like a sponge), opening the sliding closet doors (and lying down inside the closet on top of the shoes), a strong love for cherry tomatoes (ate them right off the vine!) and how to fish socks out of dad's overnight bag even when the velcro closure is closed. i'm huge, and still very much a loving pup. enjoy some snapshots from my life these days!

dog park! (a new and unbelievably wonderful place!!!)

making myself at home on mum and dad's throw pillows- cozy night night!

i love car rides-- note the dried-up drool on mum's car window (she loves it!)


i am a changed man.



hello! as promised by mum and dad, i went to Camp K-9 yesterday for a haircut! if i do say so myself, i look like a handsome devil. and, carol, my groomer, said that i was very well behaved (for a puppy, especially). mum laughed for about ten minutes when she came home to see me- all of my curls are pretty much clipped off, as is the dark hair on my nose. dad says that i look smaller now, but i think i look more mature! you can hardly tell now where the shaved spot was. i also have a new sophisticated gait when i walk around- proud, i guess. dad was amazed that when he picked me up, the staff advised him to take me out right away as i hadn't gone at all the whole day- he said that i relieved myself for the longest time he's ever seen. i think that i was just a little scared of being in a new place with strangers. enjoy the new, dapper photos!! love, oliver.